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    Scheduled Task Check for Coldfusion Updates gets 403 error

    jdavenport11 Level 1

      I am running Coldfusion10 on RedHat Linux6. Coldfusion Administration Scheduled Task runs a check for Coldfusion updates every 30days. This month the access_log had the following entry.

      xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx - - [16/Feb/2016:12:32:15 -0600] "GET /CFIDE/administrator/updates/task/checkupdates.cfm HTTP/1.1" 403 316 "-" "CFSCHEDULE"


      If I run it manually from the Scheduled Task, I see "This scheduled task was completed successfully" message but still see the error in the log.


      There is nothing in the application.log


      When I click the Updates under Server Update, the hour glass spins for a long time, and it times out with the following error.


      Could someone tell me what is wrong?


      Thank you,


      2-16-2016 1-15-15 PM.png