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    Multiple problems with Acrobat X since OSX 10.11


      Although the app is stable (it doesn't crash like CS5/6 apps) there is seriously reduced functionality. Here are my specific problems:


      - Cannot Save As in the same folder, even with a different name. Need to save in a different folder and then manually replace the old file with the new. Typical example: Save as Reduced size pdf won't work


      - Same thing for Save as Optimized pdf


      - Cannot apply OCR at all. Message is systematically 'this page contains renderable text' no matter what the source of the pdf is


      This makes Acrobat - an expensive product - almost impossible to use in my normal workflow. Size reduction in particular is a critical component and only the full version allows to do this. Needless to say I deeply resent having a gun help to my head to upgrade each time I boot up!