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    Room to room transition passing a "wall" help


      I'm having difficulty getting this transition smoothly in my motion graphics animation. I'm sure you've all seen this, a person walks from one room to the next and a wall merges these two rooms together. Camera follows the whole time.

      Currently, both compositions are 3d (to get a 2.5D effect) with a camera moving both comps. I've tried putting the "wall" in the first composition and 3ding it and then putting both compositions in one comp together. Of course the "wall" doesn't appear in the second composition.

      How do I get this to work?

      I've seen videos where the compositions are placed together in one comp. The wall is on a layer above both and keyframed so it stays in place. This just seems rudimentary and I'm sure there's a different way of getting the same effect.

      Any assistance appreciated.