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    Importing Warped Text from PSD

    ck_jedi Level 1

      Recently I've been taking a lot of pseudo-motion typography projects. The PSDs I've been getting from designers to animate often make use of Photoshop's Warped Text option to bend and arch text in ways that, so far, I'm not able to recreate after importing the layer and converting it to text. I can use the layer as footage just fine, but if I want to use the text animation function in AE CS6 I have to convert the layer to editable text which removes the warping. I've tried using combinations of paths, mesh distort and even puppet tool to try and mimic the original design, but either I can't get close to the original look or the distortion noticeably degrades the quality of the text.


      Does anyone have any good techniques for bringing these layers in without losing the distortion? Am I perhaps missing a step that would normally bring the warping with it AND be editable text?