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    Frequent "0 days left on trial" message


      When attempting to use Photoshop or Lightroom, about three of five attempts results in "0 days left on trial" message.  I am required to "sign in" to license the product.  After sign in, I am told that the product has been licensed to me, and to use and enjoy it.  I have used Photoshop and Lightroom  for years, but have never had a trial version.  I've used Creative Cloud Photographic version for about two years, and have had this problem the entire time.  I have recently been doing some work that requires more lengthy sessions and have been interrupted by the message, with resulting loss of my project.  Attempts to register the products results in my being told that registry  is not required for CC.


      Is this an ongoing problem, or am I just "lucky"?  Any help or solution would be greatly appreciated.


      Could the fact that CS6 is presently installed be a factor?