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    Can data determine height?

      We need to display a series of grouped items like this:

      group 1
      item 1
      item 2
      item 3

      group 2
      item 4
      item 5

      group 3
      item 6
      item 7

      and so on...

      They need to be listed vertically as shown above.
      The group line contains 2 text input boxes for users to identify their groups. The text input boxes are next to each other horizontally.
      The item line contains a thumbnail, 3 labels, and 2 buttons, all horizontal (using hbox).
      Items can be dragged from one group to the other.

      We've managed to get all of this working, EXCEPT we cannot get the container that contains the list of items to resize the height so that all of the items in the group are displayed without scrolling within the group. It doesn't matter if it's automatically resized or if the user needs to click and drag the edge of the container so they can see all of the items at one time (actually user control might be best). We've tried datagrids, lists, vboxes, canvases, variablerowheight, rowcount, autolayout, removing the scroll bar, and I can't even remember what else.

      Is this possible to achieve in Flex 3? If so, please advise how.