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    LR Mobile woes...

    Charlie Groh Level 1

      ...I just can't seem to get this ap to do what I want!  Hahaha...I'm a photog and have an ext card in my Note 4 with a ton of images...LR has synced and imported much of this and, through usage of data or somesuch, NOT synced to my desktop in quite some time.  All I want is for the images I take with the phone camera to show up in LR on my desktop(s)!!!  Now, I have 14,000-odd images in the imported part of the app...I've removed as much as I can in bulk but now stuck having to individually select images to remove...sheesh.  Can I somehow start over and, if so, right away upon reinstalling the app, STOP it from importing anything that I do not want it to deal with???