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    I am having a problem signing in to my account, have had 6 emails re password reset, but the porogramme will not accept my new password.

    SlimSylv Level 1

      I am running WIN XP PRO SP 3.0 32 bit on a desktop computer.

      I was trying to save a PDF document to Adobe Acrobat, but the programme said my password was invalid, so I clicked on "I forgot my password" got the email, changed it, it would not accept the new password. All in all I ended up with 6 emails, and after 90 minutes trying to get help, I am very frustrated.

      Please, how to I get Adobe to accept my password, I followed the advice/tips to the letter. I have to explain that this happens to me 2 or 3 times a year. Last year it let me sign in 3 times in a row, & I guess I got cocky! 

      Sadly was not to be.