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    RoboHelp 2015 - Android app external hyperlinks not working.


      Hi all,


      I have a user guide for an app my company develops. The guide is created with RoboHelp 2015 with latest updates (


      The user guide is generally viewed online via web browser, and I export it as "Responsive HTML" for this purpose.


      Recently, the requirement has appeared to have the help available as an app on a mobile device running the actual app the help is for. (at this point no need for context sensitive help etc. - it's just a user guide available on the users' device).


      I got the "Mobile App" output type working after a bit of playing, and I can now generate a very nice Android app version of my user guide.


      It all seems to work very well, and is viewable equally well on phones, tablets etc.


      The only fly in my ointment is that any external links to websites which appear in my user guide simply do not work.


      ie. tapping a link does absolutely nothing (that I can see). No message, no popup, no jump to external browser, etc.


      If I view the same user guide via the normal web browser mechanism, the links open a new browser window with the link properly opened.


      I have checked over and over all settings related to the "Mobile App" output type, and I see nothing which seems to be related to this...I'm at a loss...


      Can anyone shed any light on this?