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    Director 11 and font rendering

    miche_r Level 1
      I recently updated to Director 11 and I have tested various projects in it which have been made with Director MX 2004. They all have serious issues with font rendering, because it's so different than in Director MX 2004. I don't mind that the font are antialiased differently, but all text alignments are messed up. Spacings are different than earlier and text takes less space vertically, which causes problems with text and picture alignments. In various projects I have text pages with bullet lists, and these lists are messed up too, line breaks are different and spaces made with tab are not located as they used to. Text rendering engine seems to have problems when between two text chapters is a empty extra line which has smaller spacing than the text before and after - when I doubleclick the text to edit it, the spacings are messed up and look totally different in edit mode than what they look like in "normal" mode.

      Is this normal behavior in Director 11, or am I doing something wrong? Is there some setting that I need to change?