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    Area Chart

    web_job Level 1
      It is very simple to use fillFunction with other types of charts, for example, to make column green above zero and red under zero. But it does not work for Area Chart. How can I implement different colors to the same series of Area Chart. Thanks.
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          matthew horn Level 3
          Hey, it doesn't work the way you might think. The color returned by fillFunction will be used by the itemRenderer in a series. But as AreaSeries does not have any itemRenderer by default, the effect is not visible.

          If you add an itemRenderer to the series, like CircleItemRenderer/ DiamondItemRenderer/ BoxItemRenderer etc..., then the datapoints will be shown as circles / diamonds / rectangles etc... and you should be able to see the color in those renderers.

          matt horn
          flex docs
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            web_job Level 1
            thanks for the response. Well, i know this, about items in area chart. But the thing is that i need to color area (and not just small items) - for example in green above zero, in red - under zero.