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    No pressure sensitivity option in Animate cc while using Surface Pro 4


      Every other thread gets sidetracked into a Wacom thread and lists options only related to Wacom.

      Surface Pro 4. Windows 10. Adobe Animate cc (recently updated).

      I've uninstalled and installed again.

      Pressure sensitivity works in Illustrator and Photoshop.

      I clicked the brush tool and the option doesn't appear.

      I clicked the pencil tool and the option doesn't appear.

      I drew a line with the brush tool and pencil tool. Option does not appear.

      I've tried it with object drawing on and off.

      It seems odd that it works for Illustrator and Photoshop but not Animate cc (formerly known as flash cc).

      I've also done the above with a Surface (non-pro) 3 and it didn't work either.