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    Play through frames on rollover


      I am using Fireworks CS4, I'm playing around, making a navigation bar, I currently have 16 frames in the States panel, I have made the animation so when you play it, it does what i want. How can I make it so that when I rollover the tab/button it plays through all the frames once, hence getting a mini animation when rolling over. I hope you can help, any would be appreciated, Im guessing this will involve slices. If you need me to upload the file, let me know. Thanks.
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          pixlor Level 4
          For a rollover, you need two images: you need a static image for the non-rollover state and a .gif animation as your rollover state.

          The best way to do produce a rollover with an animation is to output your static and animated images from Fireworks, and then build your rollovers in Dreamweaver (or whatever else you may use to build your HTML). An image is an image, whether it's animated or not, and the rollover code won't care.

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            Akermay Level 1
            Ok that makes sense, but i have been playing around, and i hate to sound stupid, but how can i export the animation from fireworks as an animation, and then import it into dreamweaver?