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    Gania Level 1

      I don't think this is possible, but I might have missed it. Is there a way to add a shape within RoboHelp. I want to point out certain things within a document so I'd like to put a shape around it.

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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Aside from using positioned text boxes, I don't think there is an easy way.


          I'm guessing you don't want to screen capture the document, then mark up the capture as you likely still want to edit the document. Hmmm


          Another approach might be to put the text in something like Windows Notepad and save as a TXT file. That way you could continue to edit later if you need to. Then if you were using something like TechSmith SnagIt, you could capture the Notepad file as an image. Mark it up as you like and save in two different formats. One format would be the .SNAG (to maintain the ability to edit the markup) and as your preferred image format (for use in RoboHelp).


          Perhaps others have different and better ideas.


          Cheers... Rick

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            KimberlyO Level 2

            Could you use a simple table with a border and perhaps shading? One column, one row. Although this is probably like the text box that Jeff is talking about (but I don't know how to use that). I use a single cell table to call attention to a specific block of text.

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              Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Can you expound on the steps required to accomplish that?


              Sounds interesting but having a real problem visualizing it.


              Thanks... Rick

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                Gania Level 1

                Actually I wanted to point out something on an image. I tried copying the image to Word, added the box I needed to point out and then copied it into RoboHelp, but for some reason the box disappears when I load it into RoboHelp

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                  Jeff_Coatsworth Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  Me too, since I’ve got nuthin’ to contribute on this thread (LOL) – I think you’re getting your Rick’s & Jeff’s mixed up here ;>)

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                    Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    Gania, after you get the image as you want it to be in Word, try simply screen capturing it as it appears there.


                    I think you will find it is a frustrating struggle to try and expect things to end up in RoboHelp as they are in Word. Remember, Word is intended for creating things to be printed while RoboHelp is intended for creating things to be viewed on screen.


                    Cheers... Rick

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                      Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      LOL Jeff


                      I've worked in call centers in my past and I've been called Jeff and Greg and Mike and many other names I cannot repeat here!


                      Cheers... Rick

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                        KimberlyO Level 2

                        Ooops... Rick!


                        I misunderstood the original post to need a shape (like an arrow) to point out something in the text or to highlight specific phrases with a box around it. I thought it was a block of text that needed attention drawn to it. We sometimes have mini topics within a topic. For example, a brief explanation of account masking in a topic for setting up account masking. Technically we aren't teaching accounting practices in our user guides or help.  So it's kind of like a sidebar, only within the page - not on the side.

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                          KimberlyO Level 2


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                            KimberlyO Level 2

                            I think Rick's suggestion of doing a screen capture once you've added the shape to your image is the best way to accomplish what you are looking for.

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                              Gania Level 1

                              Thank you everyone for all your help. I finally figured out what I was doing wrong. I created my SnagIt shot and saved it. I then put it in Word and added the shape and resave "picture as" and it will not save the shape that way. I took my shot, put it on the clipboard then pasted it in Word and added my shape. When I saved that shot the shape stayed. I knew there was a way that I did this before. I sure would be nice if RoboHelp came out with enhancement like that one.