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    Double Audio sound in first page



      I working with indesign cc for interactive e-book.

      I added in every single page - one audio file and set him to start with the page load and finish with page turn.

      somehow - when I load the file (in adobe preview online) i hear 2-3-4 different sounds together in the first page.

      they all stop within 3-4 sec but this is not normal...

      what should I do?


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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          What kind of e-book are you creating? Interactive PDF? EPUB? Publish Online?

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            arnonf36852889 Level 1

            actually I have not decided, but I think EPUB.

            it's supposed to be linked with a print book via QR code.

            there is another whay?

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              Susanne Tamir

              I had the same issue and did find the solution in the end

              You need to have a delay in the overlay panel for each audio it need to be the same time and it should be longer then the first slide loading.. I got the best result with 2 seconds delay.

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                david-sashmedia Level 1

                Hi Arnon,


                I also had the same issue and I found a solution that helps with it.

                DO you have any other things happening within your page...like animations and so on?


                If you do, Look in the timing panel just above the animation one and see where the audio clip is in the order.

                I had mine all at the first position and like your issue, when I loaded the file for viewing I would here my multiple sounds I put in document

                as the first page loaded.


                Once I moved my audio clip to second spot on the pages that had audio, I no longer had that issue...so far at least..LOL

                My document now loads and I hear no more PRE audio clips. When I load the page with audio. I see my page then sound clicks in as it should....


                To me, it should work how its say..ON PAGE LOAD....Only..... not when you open your document and hear all short sound bits.

                Adobe should look into that.


                I hope this helps...at least I can present my document without this issue now.