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    Method to extract coordinates and style settings from InDesign?


      Had posted this in the primary forum for InDesign but had a commenter there suggest this may be a more appropriate forum for getting an answer:


      I'm in an IT group that creates complex dynamic books but the original designs come into our creative group most often as InDesign files. In order to improve efficiency we're looking to be able to export information on the margins, x/y placements of elements, and style settings for the content displayed. XML would seemingly be great (I've seen a few threads implying the XML info exported is not this robust), not sure if somehow there is an auto-annotation mode or plug-in that could be applied to simply automatically display this information on-screen in the document, or whether some other format for export may offer similar information. Something more programmatically accessible would be better since we could then look to be able to automatically import it for use but even something along the lines of annotations on a PDF or somesuch would be of great help and a time saver. Can anyone point me in a good direction?