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    My Training data is not avaiable


      I'm programatically calling my training and passing
      http://testadobeconnect.com/api/xml?action=report-my-training&sort-name=asc&principal-id=1 23456&session=sbreezesession123445

      to get my training, but i'm not getting any data?

      The same kind of query i'm sending to get all the training avaiable:

      http://testadobeconnect.com/api/xml?action=sco-expanded-contents&filter-type=curriculum&fi lter-type=content&filter-date-end=null&sco-id=12345678&session=sbreezesession123445

      and i'm able to get all the training data from this query, but when i call to get training related to me only, then i'm not getting any data.

      Could you please help me in this regard

      Thanks and Regards