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    Import cross-references from Word

    RosettaBooks Level 1

      Hi, I'm unable to convince InDesign CC 2015 (latest update) to retain internal cross-references when I place a Word doc .docx into my .indd file. The Place function works fine; it just doesn't retain the cross-references. I have about a hundred in each of five separate books, and would like to avoid the trouble of relinking them one by one in InDesign.


      It doesn't seem to matter whether I create them in Word as a hyperlink, bookmark, or heading-based cross-reference--none of them come through (except hyperlinks to web URLs).


      I've searched through the threads and can't find anyone who's resolved this, or who's addressed it recently.


      Does anyone know if this can be done, natively or with a script or plug-in? If so, how?