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    How to add 2D texture?

    dolldivine Level 1

      Anybody got good tips for adding texture?

      I was hoping maybe Animate CC would come with something like this.. Basically, like what they brought for brushes, but for fills... but it doesn't look like it?


      Up until now I've been using these methods:

      - pasting a textured bitmap on top of everything and setting it to Overlay

      - zooming in super close and drawing teeny tiny shapes (extremely time consuming)

      - in theory I know I could use a bitmap fill but I've never found this easy to use.. I dunno.. Should I explore this more?


      I've been watching the cartoon Puffin Rock with my kids, and I heard somewhere that it was made in Flash (not sure if true?), and my eyes are always popping out, like, HOW DID THEY DO THAT?  It's so beautiful!

      (same people who made Song of the Sea).

      Flat design is obviously all the rage, and this textured flat design is even more trendy now, and it'd be so cool if one could easily do this in Fla.. I mean, Animate =)