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    Displaying images in dynamic text fields

      Hi, I am having some difficulty getting my images to display in a dynamic text field. The images are linked from a txt file with the <img src=""> tag however they are not showing up in the text area. The rest of the html are rendering fine except the image tag. My example online is here: www.supernaturalmedia.com.

      Here is the code I used in Flash:
      var style_sheet = new TextField.StyleSheet();
      var css_url = "global.css";
      news.StyleSheet = style_sheet;

      loadVariables("projects_news.txt", this.news);

      My css styles also isn't loadin so i temporarily am using html styles for formatting. I'd like to get the css to work as well.

      My movie is published as Flash Player 6, AS 2.0.

      I'd appreciate any helpful advice.