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    Particles effect on a person



      I wondered how to give that effect 'particles' on a person as in the gif here for a video clip :


      [inappropriate language removed by moderator]


      Or too :


      I'm looking, but I find no convincing




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          Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I can't quite see what's happening as that GIF is so small, but you might need to use some sort of match moving in a 3d software to create an 3d model that follows the body. Then, if it supports OBJ sequences, you could use Form to place particles on that model. Element 3d might be able to do it too.

          Then you would use Particular for the particles that are flying away from the body.

          Alternatively, you'd want to create the particles in your 3d software since you're already there to make the body animation.


          Although, if the particles aren't really following the body, you could just create them in AE using the footage of the body as a layer emitter in Particular. Or, heck Particle Playground might do it too.