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    Use <h1 id=xyz> as bookmark anchors for auto-create TOC

    AMCGracer Level 1

      I am converting 11 HTM files into a Responsive HTML5 help file. These HTML files were generated during a translation from English to Italian using a Word source.


      Rather than traditional anchor tags (<a name="">, this document identifies named headers using the id tag, such as <H1 id=my_target>My targets</h1>


      Robohelp does not appear to recognize these as bookmarks for the auto-create TOC. As the files are in Italian (and I don't speak Italian), and there are thousands of topics, I need to use the auto-create feature.


      Does anyone know how to get configure Robohelp to recognize these ids as bookmarks for the purposes of auto-creating the TOC?

      Note that the internal hyperlinks to these locations do work properly.


      I'm using Robohelp 2015 on Windows 7.


      Thanks in advance!