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    RH11 - all changes disappeared

    Auntie Em-Pam Level 1

      All of the changes I had input to RH11 for yesterday's deployment have vanished from one version of my user guide. Any graphic or text changes - all gone. I save constantly, and I have a backup on GIT.

      The updated graphics appear in the images folder, but RH does not have the changed graphics on the topic pages - it has reverted back to the version before any changes were made. Now, we did have several power outages this week and last weekend, but I had everything saved prior to that. I may have left RH open over the weekend, so I am wondering if the power outages would have an affect on my topics? Seems unlikely, but I just can't figure this out.


      For the other user guide, it looks as though the changes are there, but it does not recognise my changes to the TOC, even though when I generate locally, the TOC is changed as it should be.


      Any light someone can shine on this issue would be appreciated.



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          Amebr Level 4

          If the TOC changes are showing when opened locally but not on a web server, you might be suffering from "sticky cache" (tm).


          Trying clearing your browser cache, closing all browser windows and re-opening the website.


          If this resolves it, try talking to your web IT guys - I'm sure there are settings that can help minimise the effect, but I don't know what they are.

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            Auntie Em-Pam Level 1


            Yep - I forgot about the cache. That cleared up the TOC issue. But how come the changes I made to one version of my user guide just disappeared? I saved, I did a backup, I checked the backup and the changes are there. However, the changes do not appear in RH nor in the generated output. I know I can pull up the backup, but I need to know what caused this in case it happens again.


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              Amebr Level 4

              I don't really have any suggestions on that one. I have sometimes seen changes not remembered at all if RH crashes, or sometimes if a file moves RH will remember it in the original location and it takes a bit of work to switch everything back to the old location and move them again.


              The only thing is to double-check the paths to the images are correct and you don't have any duplicate (similarly named) files that you might be overlooking.