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    Adobe Draw export problem

    megtopus Level 1

      I'm using an iPad Air (gen 1), up to date on its software, and trying to send a file to Adobe Illustrator (updated as of today) 2011 Macbook Pro with upgraded RAM.


      On my simpler files it sends. On the larger files (the ones with the most work put into them) I cannot get it to upload to AI CC. They spin for twenty minutes in the app and then time out. Since I'm updated I can't go into the file hierarchy to grab the SVG.


      I don't understand how the app will let me work on something until it's too large to send. I have beautiful vector SHADED work (yea, lots and lots of compound paths in this beast) and it's trapped. Best I can do is send it to my collaborators as a PNG. Which really blows because if I can't find a way to dig this file out of my iPad, I've lost 4 days of work.


      Any ideas?