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    Is it possible to animate video footage?



      i have footage from a film that I created and I'd really like to create this animated effect to a small portion. what I'm wondering Is if it is possible to use that footage and find a technique that will allow me to animate it. I'm not looking for something super amazing, just something that will look a lot different, more animated than the rest of the film. would Green Screen help make this easier?


      IT might not be possible, but I thought I would ask.

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          Gutterfish Adobe Community Professional

          It depends what you're planning on doing to it, "animating" is sort of vague.  If you're talking about some sort of effect you can use the composite option in the effects properties to isolate the effect to a mask. which of course can be animated.  Create a mask on the layer that has, or will have the effect.  Until you add the mask to the effect it's going to mask your layer as normal but don't worry that will go away. Once the effect is applied twirl down the properties in the layer panel and look for the "composite +/-" and click it to add the mask. You may have to invert the mask.