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    I have version, LR6, on my Macbook Pro running Yosemite.  When importing from folders on my desktop, LR has pulled in 50,000 "effects" or "presets" from other photo software programs.  How do I hide them?


      Hello.  I am new to lightroom, and have the stationary version, LR6, on my Macbook Pro running Yosemite.  I have loaded all my pics manually into LR, and have them synced from Folders on my desktop.  I then clicked on desktop and said sync, and it brought up 50,000 additional files that are a result of other programs "elements."     So, I have about 50 folders and then hundreds or thousands of random files in the Left Panel of LR, that are named weird things, and have pictures of (for example) a christmas card template, or a dot, or a graphic, or some black screen w/ green writing (a script?) .........and they all mean nothing to me without the context of being in which ever program knows how to use them.  How do I delete or hide these system files?   as they are miles long, and making it hard to see the photo folders (by date) that I intentionally imported?   Thanks in advance.  Hope this makes sense!    Tracy