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    Weird Bug

    AnScathMarcach Level 1

      So it's happened twice so far. I'll be drawing my frame with the Brush tool with no problems, and then suddenly the line I just drew disappears as soon as I lift my pen. This will keep happening every time I try to make a mark with the Brush tool until I restart Animate. This did not happen before I upgraded from Flash Pro CC to Animate.


      Then, when I reopen the program, almost all of my drawing (on that frame, on that layer) is gone, except for a few random pieces, even though I saved before restarting the program.


      This does seem like a glitch in the program. It doesn't happen very often, so it's not too much of a hindrance to me. It's just a little frustrating when it happens, and could potentially be catastrophic if I, or someone else is drawing a highly detailed traditional animation and then suddenly all but a few pieces of the frame they just drew is gone.


      Just thought I'd say something.