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    Installer Recommendations?

      Does anyone have suggestions on an installer (or any roadblocks I might expect to encounter) for the scenario outlined below? We are currently considering InstallSheild, Advanced Installer, Smart Install Maker, CreateInstall, NSIS, & Setup Factory. In the past we’ve created training sessions in Authorware, so all we had to do was add an autorun file and everything worked just dandy. Now that we’ve switched to Captivate to develop the training, it’s complicated the CD production a bit. Thanks so much for taking a look:

      We are creating a CD-ROM that includes our published training module. We also plan to put FlashPlayer 10 installer on the disc. (The end user will not have an internet connection to download it.)

      When the CD is inserted, a couple of things should happen:
      1) Automatic update of any older versions of Flash (note: Computers might have ancient versions….)
      2) Checks for previous installation of Flash Player 10
      >> If Flash Player 10 is already installed - there is no prompt to reinstall and the training session is autorun from the CD.
      >> If Flash Player 10 is not yet installed, the installation/update is automatic, and, upon completion, the training session is subsequently autorun from the CD

      note: We're trying to set this up so that there is minimal to zero interaction required by the user.

      This CD-ROM will be run on the following system…in case that makes a difference:
      o Dell 2.4 GHZ computer features a CD-ROM optical drive
      o GX60 desktop computer also has four USB ports
      o Desktop PC processor: 2.4GHz Celeron
      o PC System memory: 512MB
      o Hard drive: 40GB
      o Network: 10/100 Ethernet
      o Accessories: Keyboard, mouse
      o Operating system: Windows XP Pro

      Thanks again for any feedback!