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    Occasional error importing word (text) documents


      I've recently had an indesign update done at my job and ever since then i've been encountering a few problems such as indesign crashing

      for no apparent reason.

      But now i'm also encountering issues with importing word documents. I've tried saving them as .rtf but that also ends up with the same error screen.
      I ticked the 'show import options' on and off but it seems it only wants to show me the options very rarely... Mostly it tells me 'can't place the text, no filter has been found'.
      BUT when it does show me the import options screen, it places the document correctly and without problems.
      This happens every 10 times or so that i try to place it. I don't change anything. But i keep trying and eventually it will place the document...
      Sometimes when i try to import, it will crash indesign. I've tried importing all different kinds of text documents to make sure its not just one word document which is causing problems but it

      has issues with almost every text document.


      Maybe it's because i'm using an indesign document from a previous version? I'm not sure.... All i know is it started with the new version. I've done the latest updates but this problem remains.
      Any thoughts because i have to import text documents all the time and i can't be wasting all this time placing them....


      Thanks in advance for any help