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    Is CF2016 supported on Windows 10

    carl type3 Level 4



      CF2016 system requirements from here:




      does not list Windows 10 support.


      Will CF2016 be supported on Windows Server 2016 when it releases?


      Regards, Carl.

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          haxtbh Level 4

          I would say yes as they added support for these in CF11 already.

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            Anit_Kumar Adobe Employee

            Yes, CF2016 is supported on Windows 10. Here is the Support Matrix https://helpx.adobe.com/pdf/coldfusion2016-support-matrix.pdf



            Anit Kumar

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              Charlie Arehart Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Carl, that is indeed unfortunate and must just be a mistake, as Windows 10 is surely supported. First, it was supported in CF11 (as of the last update, 7, which came out in November), and second, I have installed it on Windows 10, with no problem. I suspect this is just one of those things where the person responsible for updating that document made a mistake, a big one, and though I’d understand the mistake I would not excuse it. I do hope this gets fixed soon.


              As for Windows Server 2016, I would expect the answer is that “it will”, of course.


              But more specifically (though it may not be said), the reality will likely be that a) CF does not support it now (officially, and it may not work when it does come out for some reason), b) nor will CF support it formally on the day it comes out, but instead c) it will support it as of a subsequent update.


              That’s just how it seems the team seems to role on OS updates, despite the fact that there are prerelease versions of OS updates they could test against and the release date for such OS updates are often known in advance, so it would seem that support could come out very soon (like days) after the final OS update release . just It doesn’t seem to happen, sadly, and we may not fully understand the reasons. Again, I’m not excusing the situation, just explaining it from observation over the years.


              As for both points, especially the first, you’d do well to file a bug in the bugbase (bugbase.adobe.com), and if you write back here with a link to it, surely some readers will add their votes for it. (Not that such a mistake should require any votes. And who knows, someone from Adobe may well see this post and report that they’ve corrected the requirements doc to add Windows 10 as supported. We just can’t expect that from your posting the question here.)