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    'Unable to locate the paper capture recognition service. Your installation may be corrupt' - Adobe Acrobat 2015  (2015.008.20082) anyone had the same issue on this version when converting/exporting .pdf to MS Word 2010?

    Psymon Winterwolf

      Hi all,


      I've seen this same error appear around the web but none that relate to Adobe Acrobat Pro DC (2015) and MS Word 2010. Has anyone come across this same fault/message when trying to convert/export a pdf file to MS Word 2010?.

      After clicking OK a few times (through the above message), the export does go ahead anyway, is there a way to perhaps get rid of the messages coming up, just to let the conversion carry on?


      As a side, this is not an issue with using MS Word 2013 with Adobe Acrobat Pro DC (2015), but I'd like to know if anyone has found a working fix for this export/conversion to Word 2010 (I may be among the masses here with this but just in case anyone knows of a fix for this).


      Thanks for your time and any advice greatly received.