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    0xc0000005 adobe desktop service.exe issue




      I'm experiencing a very weird problem with Creative Cloud. After not been using it for about three weeks(I worked just perfectly then) I started

      up Dreamweaver to complete a project I have at my university. And almost instantly, my windows task bar is "flickering" and wherever I try

      to write, I contstantyl get tabbed in and out. I figured it was something wrong with Dreamweaver so I uninstalled it and rebooted my computer.
      But when I started up CC again, I noticed that's where the problems started. So I tried uninstalling CC but somehow, the computer won't let me.

      When inside the CC app itself, it works fine for a few seconds, then it turns blank with a load screen being the only visible thing. Then a quick flicker

      and it all start all over again. Note that I can click around inside the app just fine for a few seconds until what I just describes happens.


      After a couple of times, CC crashes with the message, which roughly translates to:
      "You need Adobe Creative Cloud to solve this issue, but it is missing or is damaged. Download and install a new example of Creative Cloud




      I tried it and it did not solve my issue.





      I looked at my Windows logs and this is what I found (sorry for it being in swedish):

      Felet uppstod i programmet med namn: Adobe Desktop Service.exe, version, tidsstämpel 0x56be1bc7

      , felet uppstod i modulen med namn: KERNELBASE.dll, version 6.3.9600.18202, tidsstämpel 0x569e72bb

      Undantagskod: 0xc0000005

      Felförskjutning: 0x0001ae7b

      Process-ID: 0x1cdc

      Programmets starttid: 0x01d16a398494c0b6

      Sökväg till program: C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Adobe\Adobe Desktop Common\ADS\Adobe Desktop Service.exe

      Sökväg till modul: C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\KERNELBASE.dll

      Rapport-ID: d380d1f0-d62c-11e5-83f8-40e2304b584a

      Fullständigt namn på felaktigt paket:

      Program-ID relativt till felaktigt paket:


      Fel-bucket 107956744162, typ 1

      Händelsenamn: APPCRASH

      Svar: Inte tillgänglig

      Kabinett-ID: 0




      P1: Adobe Desktop Service.exe


      P3: 56be1bc7

      P4: KERNELBASE.dll

      P5: 6.3.9600.18202

      P6: 569e72bb

      P7: c0000005

      P8: 0001ae7b





      Bifogade filer:




      Filerna kan vara tillgängligahär:

      C:\Users\Anders\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\WER\ReportArchive\AppCrash_Adobe Desktop Se_cd7d914e47e3874a8fb5129022b8a8c1afa965f8_528763ea_1dced92f




      Kontrollerar lösning igen: 0

      Rapport-ID: e37e9317-d62f-11e5-83f9-40e2304b584a

      Rapportstatus: 0

      Hash-bucket: 666719dedd5949be0c8790e51bfe49e9





      Could this be the root to my problems? And what actions should I take?