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    Has anyone noticed a few bugs since the latest Lightroom CC (2015) update?


      I updated my Lightroom 2 days ago and since updating, I've noticed a few bugs, has anyone else experienced any of these or have a solution to fix?


      Any panoramic dng files flag up a warning message at the top 'the image appears to be damaged' but the images seem to edit fine. At first I thought it was just images that has been stitched since the update, but a closer look reveals some images that were stitched prior to the update also have this message, despite being  perfectly fine before?


      Secondly when using the adjustment brush tool, after applying the selected adjustment, the little pin node showing the area you've just edited doesn't appear, meaning you can't select and modify the area you've just edited. Again this seems to be an issue with recently edited images and those edited before the update but has only been a problem since the update.


      Just wanted to ask in here if anyone else had experienced it (as opposed to it being my hardware/drivers not agreeing) before I contact Adobe support


      [Machine running on Windows 8.1, 32GB RAM, i7 processor etc so I don't think it's performance related]