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    ADTECH - Urgent Please Help!


      Hi Everyone.

      I hope that someone can help.

      Has anyone successfully uploaded banners to the ADTECH adserver? If so could you let me know how I need to supply the files.

      I have ascertained that the files need to all be contained within the root folder, which is not a problem.

      But my contact at the publishing company who is uploading the files says that he needs to change the locations of the files so they are pointing to "_ADPATH_/Banners"

      Could you let me know how this can be done.


      After a little digging around I have found this:

      you can manually update the <projectname>_edge.js file to specify the directory:


      (function($, Edge, compId){

      //images folder

      var im='<SERVER/FOLDER>/images/';


      Should this work? Also in case it makes any difference my "runtime files" are being hosted on Adobe CDN

      Any insights from anyone that has managed to upload banners successfully to the ADTECH Adserver would be much appreciated.

      I have been going back and forth with the publisher for a few weeks now and it is starting to get very urgent.


      Many thanks in advance