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    advance by user not working correctly




      I am using Presenter 11 and publishing as HTML5 for users with both desktop units and mobile devices.  I have been using Presenter since version 6 so I'm pretty familiar with the product.  Here's my question.


      The first 2 slides in my presentation (using the slide manager) are set to "advance by user - NO).  This part functions correctly.


      The rest of the 30 slide presentation (using the slide manager) is set to "advance by user - YES).  This part also functions correctly.


      The problem is that after the user swipes (using a tablet or other mobile device) to advance, he then has to press the play button to get the slide to start.  This occurs on every single "advance by user" page, but only on mobile devices. It is really annoying for the user to touch the page to bring up the playbar, press the play button, then press the slide again to make the playbar go away, then repeat for every page.


      On desktop units the presentation plays correctly.


      Is this a known issue?  Should I just find a work around and set all of the slides to "advance by user - YES"?


      Due to security procedures, I am unable to load the presentation for an Adobe associate review, so please don't request that I upload to your servers


      Thank You