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    Extraneous Edge Animate Font & Javascript Downloads slowing down page load dramatically

    Chuck Braman Level 1

      The desktop version of my Muse site loads incredibly slowly, so much so that I have a huge bounce rate: http://NYCJazz.com.


      According to Zak of the Muse team, "The performance problem with the desktop page does not appear to be related to the Muse generated code. That part of the desktop page loads in ~1.5 seconds."


      (You can find the full discussion here: Re: Desktop version of my site loads incredibly slowly; mobile version, quickly)


      Further from Zak: "because an Edge animation is sandboxed in an iframe to prevent it from conflicting with the content of the page or other animations on the page, the Lato faces downloaded for the iframe animation are duplicates of the 5 faces downloaded for use within the body of the page" and that the Lato font download from Edge is "2Mb worth." This is strange, because the Edge animation only uses one font, used in a total of four words ("chuck braman jazz groups"). The animation itself is simple, it is just the four words decreasing in size as a scroll effect.


      Further from Zak: "I'm not an expert in Edge Animate, but I would not expect it to be including so many (all?) faces of Lato. It also looks like it's including two different versions of jQuery, which also seems strange. You may be able to learn more about whether those two things are normal and whether or not there's any easy way to improve the situation in the Edge Animate forum."


      Could someone from the Edge team advise me on this?