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    ADE 4.5: Library sync option - can't disable?


      I just updated to 4.5, in order to troubleshoot another issue. Now whenever I open ADE it's showing a whole bunch of library eBooks that I don't even have checked out anymore. I have turned off the "Automatically download your synced books to this device" option in ADE's preferences, so it's not actually trying to download them, but I don't even want to see the option at all - is there a "don't show cloud content" option anywhere? I've also deleted everything in all of the "CloudSync" subfolders everywhere within the "My Digital Editions" folders. Now the titles still show up in ADE, but they say 'missing'.  I don't even know how it knows I had these books out before, since I've gone through and deleted them from every single cloudsync subfolder. I can't get them to go away, and this is going to drive me crazy. Has anyone else been able to fix this?

      Also, I would really like to go back to 4.0.3, but I can't find it anywhere... does anyone have it? Adobe's only offering a downgrade to 3.0, which was the source of the initial issue I was trying to fix, so I don't want to go back to that one...




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          I am having the same issue.

          I tried to remove a book from my library because it wasn't opening properly and when I tried to re-add it, there was an error and ADE was showing three copies in the library.

          Now even though I've removed all of these from my library, deleted them from Cloud Sync, Uninstalled and reinstalled ADE and switched off download from sync option, they are still showing as cloud icons.

          Is there a way to access the cloud sync to delete them from there?