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    Flex Flash Player 9 & 10. Which one?

    Edward Glasheen Level 1
      I am a bit confused about updating, if I should, the Flash Players in Flex 3. Currently I have both 9 and 10 ( player and debugger ) in the Flash Player folder ( mac ). Adobe's communication on the upgrade is not clear to me and the un-installer did not delete Flash Player 9 ( only from Safari ).
      So my question, do I need both or should I manually delete Flash Player 9 ( player and debugger ). What is the correct method?


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          Francisc Level 3
          Typically, installing a newer version of Flash Player will exclude the older one.
          However, there are different installers for different OSs and Browsers. So if you install Flash Player 10 for IE, NetScape based browsers will still have version 9 as there is a separate download for Flash Player 10 for that.

          Flex 3 sets the limit to 9.0.124 so you can have 10 on one browser and 9 on the others, it won't make that much difference for now.