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    cancellation dilema

    leec82551127 Level 1

      These guys at support are funny. I cancelled my subscription on PayPal, but of course a month later I get a call from Adobe. for non payment. Have the year paying monthly plan which when cancelled requires a large fee to be paid (oops). Anyway, no one is even using the

      product so why should I keep paying, because you'll charge me a huge fee if I don't right. Not so fast. Talk to them on the phone and asked what will happen if I cancel. They do not have a valid payment method so they can't charge me. According to them no physical bill will

      be sent and they don't use collection agencies so how will they get the fee? I don't know. All they can do is not let me use Adobe Creative Cloud under the same name and payment method. Plus I wasted two hours of my life on the phone with them this morning. I guess they canceled my sub because they finally got tired and hung up after I asked them about ten times to cancel it and they gave me the run around. Had a good laugh when they hung up on me though, made it partially worth it. (Class action was thrown out of court against fee, I didn't know about, anyone else notice the cancellation fee when they signed up.