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    image lingo

    Terrence Martineau Level 1
      is if possible to perform rotations and transformations (skew, etc..) using imaging lingo?

      it easy to draw some shapes using imaging lingo but to draw them rotated is very hard... wondering if is possible to rotate the shapes in the image once drawn.
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          Level 7
          I believe you have to apply a little trig rotate calculation to the
          optional copypixels desstination quad.

          o ge the feel, rotate a sprite on stage then enter in message window:

          put sprite(1).quad

          Likewise a quad can be skewed, oddly there are quad shapes (non
          parralelogram) that can't be applied to sprites with edit tools, but can
          be with lingo.
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            Terrence Martineau Level 1
            doh! thanks... i was just looking at draw(), fill() but yeah, i could draw()/fill() then do a copy pixel into a rotated quad... trig transform.. yikes! useful enough in other places to implement though.. thanks!

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              Terrence Martineau Level 1
              if anyone is interested..

              here is a function that takes an orginal image and a rotation angle (in degrees) and returns a rotated image... there should really be pre done function like this in director.. if there is please don't tell me... had to go back to highschool days on this one...

              can use it like:

              member(2).image = rotateImage(member(1).image, 45.0)