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    Hold In Place not working

    BruceMCE Level 1

      I have Hold In Place enabled (red dot) in both the Track Item Behaviors panel, and in the Behaviors Panel for my puppet, but it doesn't seem to be working.

      My puppet was created in Photoshop, with the arms at about a 45 degree angle out from the body. I'd like to have the puppet's arms resting at its sides. However, when I drag the hands (and arms) down so that the hands are resting at the proper position, they go back to the 45 degree position. Also, when I play it, the position that I dragged them to no longer exists.
      I come from working in After Effects and Edge Animate, where keyframes are recorded. However, when I look at the timeline in CA, there are no keyframes. How do I get the arms to stay in the position I want them? (I tried adjusting the original puppet in Photoshop, and that generated even worse results).



      Note that I'm working with a prerecorded audio file, so I need to be able to record puppet movements without replacing my audio track.

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          oksamurai Employee Moderator

          Have you recorded anything with the draggers yet (is there a track for Dragger in the timeline)? If you have, that could be causing the perceived conflict - anything pre-recorded will show up during playback. If something is red/armed, it will only work in paused or recording states.


          But Hold in Place should work (as seen in https://youtu.be/qnMGlJg6x5w?t=1m27s). If it isn't, that makes me think there's more than one dragger behavior associated with the puppet, and that one is set to Return to Rest. Twirl everything down and see if that's the case.

          If you're still having issues feel free to share your character and we can take a closer look!

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            BruceMCE Level 1

            I haven't been able to record any movements. As I noted, I'm using a prerecorded audio track. Whenever I click the red Record dot under my scene, I get this popup. I have both the camera and the microphone disabled, so I shouldn't be seeing this, right? RecordPrompt01.jpg
            If I click on the Cancel button in that prompt, nothing records

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              oksamurai Employee Moderator

              Thanks! So a couple of notes:


              • Disarm the Lip Sync behavior (and it looks like you already turned off the mic icon), which should hopefully prevent more audio from coming in. That error does seem strange though, thanks for reporting. In your preferences, are you able to switch to another audio device, even a dummy one (an external mic plugged in that you don't really want to use) to circumvent the error?
              • Try disarming the red dot next to hold in place and see if that helps. It's a little confusing, but you would only need that to be red if you wanted to record it changing states halfway (going from hold in place to return to rest, for example). The Mouse & Touch input is what you really want.


              Let me know if either of those help at all...

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                BruceMCE Level 1

                I actually just went out and bought a web cam. Everything seems to work fine now. Thanks