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    Files are hidden on network drive


      Files that we create with indesign cc and photoshop cc are written to network drive with the Hidden File attribute active. This makes the files appear to be missing when viewed with the apple finder. Our windows machines display the hidden files when we check the Hidden Files checkbox under the view menu. When we change the properties in windows deselecting the Hidden attribute the files re appear in the Apple finder window. This exercise is time consuming and a bit confusing for the less experienced users. Can the hidden attribute be turned off? Files saved to local drives seem to be saving properly.

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          I have also facing the same issue. InDesign file is hidden sometimes when working with server.


          We are using Mac OS 10.8.4 and InDesign CS6.


          If we enable to show hidden file, then we can get the file. But the issue is not occurring in all machines, only in specific machines.


          Does anyone know the permanent solution for this?