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    Conforming files

    camera shy again

      When opening  an old project the program will take it from "Auto Save file" and will start to conform...seems to take fore ever. What exactly is it doing.



      Using "Premiere Elements 12"

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          Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Dont let it point to an Auto Save unless you dont have the original project anymore.

          Conforming means it is making the audio to play in realtime on your timeline.

          This can take a while and will eat a fair amount of diskspace.

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            camera shy again Level 1


            Thank you for your reply.  Not sure why the program needs to "conform" the audio to real time because when you normally click "play" on the time line the audio comes with it. I'm just a little fuzzy on that.   Also having a problem with burning a dvd from my program lately. In the "burn in progress box" the process gets to 98% on the bar then freezes up. "Run time Error unknown exception" appears.  Did a cold boot and check if any other programs where running at the same time.  Tried four times with the same out come 98% done.

            Thanks for comments.