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    Character Playing Guitar


      Hey all, I have a standard character set up in the traditional fashion that I need to have strumming a guitar. I just want the strumming hand to move freely and independently of the guitar layer. A bonus would be the fret hand sliding up and down the neck. Any ideas on how to set this up? Thank you

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          Jeff Almasol Adobe Employee

          You might want to put the arms on the same warpable mesh, but insert the guitar in the appropriate layer order (strumming hand/arm above the guitar, body and fret hand/arm below the guitar), with the guitar being a Warp Independently puppet (add a "+" in front of the guitar layer, or check the Warp Independently option in the Properties panel). Two examples to look at are the Keytar Gene puppet in the Getting Started project (click Start Here! from the Welcome panel to open this project; you'll want to delete a bunch of layers to focus on what's going on with the body, arms, and keytar). Another one to look at is this article: Exploring Character Animator | Create


          Hope this helps.

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            allenj15290054 Level 1

            Awesome, thank you Jeff. I'll check those out. I started doing a motion track in AE, but I'd rather keep it all in CH.