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    Pixel Bender on G5


      I have installed Pixel Bender toolkit and plugin into Photoshop CS4 running on my Mac G5 under OS X 10.4.11. The installs all completed fine without error. But every time I go to run a filter I get the message that the number of pixels exceeds the hardware capabilities of my GPU if the image is over 2000 pixels wide. On my newer Intel laptop I can work on images up to 4000 pixels wide. So 2 questions. If I upgraded the graphics card on my G5 could I work on images up to 4000 pixels wide? 2nd question: are there any graphics cards which would enable working on images over 4000 pixels wide?

      Thanks Martin

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          Kevin Goldsmith Level 3
          Yeah, this is a limitation of your video card. A higher-end or newer card (like the one in your laptop) doesn't have the same limitations. I'm not sure what your options are for upgrading your machine, but I know that there aren't too many (as the proud owner of a G5 myself)...