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    Eyedropper bug in Adobe Animate with Cintiq + Retina

    nickgripton Level 1

      Hi All


      So I just got a chance to check this out. I'm now using Adobe Animate and I've managed to duplicate this problem.

      Heres how:

      1. Open Animate on my retina display with no Cintiq attached -  Dropper works just fine

      2. Attach Cintiq

      3. Move Animate to my Cintiq display - Dropper works just fine

      4. Detach Cintiq

      5. Move Animate to Retina display - Dropper no longer works

      6. Close and Restart Animate - problem persists

      7. Reconnect Cintiq - problem persists on Retina

      8. Move Animate to Cintiq Dropper functions fine


      (9. Never works properly again on the Retina even after system restart)


      On the retina the eye dropper is now roughly offset by 200px diagonally.


      Its quite obvious what the problem is here. Also it only affects the eyedropper, all other tools remain unaffected as far as I can tell.


      Adobe, anyone, got a solution?