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    Artboard Range When Saving as PDF

    TheDollarBill Level 1

      When I use illustrator I can specify an artboard range in the "Save As" dialog and then remove the "preserve illustrator editing" option from the PDF dialog to get a PDF export of JUST the artboard I want.

      If I try to do this programmatically I'm able to turn off "preserve illustrator editing" by setting "kAIPDFRoundTripKey" to false. AND I also must use the "kAISaveDocumentAsAction" action rather than the "kAIExportDocumentAction" in order for ""kAIPDFRoundTripKey" to have an effect even though the documentation says it's an option for "kAIExportDocumentAction."


      The problem is that while this works for exporting native AI files:

      result = sActionManager->AIActionSetBoolean(myValueParameterBlock,kAIExportDocumentSaveMultipleArtboardsKey, true);

      result = sActionManager->AIActionSetString(myValueParameterBlock, kAIExportDocumentSaveRangeKey, "1");


      It does not work for PDFs.  I get a PDF with every artboard included as a separate page. But like I said, If I do it manually through illustrator I can get the individual artboards as their own file by saving them one at a time.


      I think it might be a bug in the sdk. Weather I use kAIExportDocumentAction or kAISaveDocumentAsAction during a native export, I get individual files for each artboard.


      Anyone got anything for me? I could just change the properly exported AI files to have .pdf file extensions but then they are all huge. Eliminating the "RoundTrip" illustrator info from the file makes the PDFs much smaller. But then I'm unable to make individual files per artboard.


      And If my mac corrects "artboard" to dartboard one more time I'll... just take it lying down like always I guess?