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    AE Crashes, Left with Unconverted Files


      My composition was 2 hours long, and supposed to be an mp4 file. It supposedly rendered all 226k frames, but then crashed with the message "After Effects error: An output module stopped responding. The file may be damaged or corrupted. You may need to restart After Effects."


      I will try to find a solution to that, but the main problem is that I waited so long for this render, and now I'm left with 4 files that probably were meant to be converted and combined somehow to finish my MP4 file. One is a 115 MB AAC file, one is a 17.6 M4V file, one is a 0 byte MP4 file, and the other is a 12.2 GB file named "s4e8.1" (never heard of a "1 File" before). Have I seriously just lost all this time waiting for my render? Or is there a way I can use these files to finish my project?


      Thanks for the help.