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    Page hyperlinks not exporting to PDF from InDesign Book


      I have two InDesign books that I'm producing -- one with US Pricing and the other is virtually identical except with Canadian pricing.


      I've been exporting both of these to PDF from the book feature and my table of contents page hyperlinks have been working fine for over a month.


      Today I updated the US book then copied the InDesign files to the Canadian folder, changed the prices, updated the Canadian book and exported to PDF. Now the table of contents hyperlinking is alternatively not working at all or all of them are going to page 1.


      When I export a single chapter from the Canadian book with the identical settings the hyperlinking works fine.


      I have quit InDesign and restarted, I've created a new book document, and I've restarted the computer.


      Has anyone had similar experiences?

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          colettap123923 Level 1

          This issue has been resolved. It had to do with copy/pasting the opening Table of Contents from the US introduction section into the Canadian introduction section. This approach had been working for the last month. So I am still unsure what changed.


          As soon as we regenerated the two TofCs in that section everything worked fine. We were trying to avoid that because there are still a number of things that need to be cleaned up to make these TofCs be cleaner when they are rebuilt.