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    Project opening differently on another computer




      Here are 2 screen recordings of opening the same Character Animator project: Adobe Creative Cloud, Adobe Creative Cloud. In the one that is being sent, the character is using a mouth from another character, the legs are fixed to the ground, the arms and legs have sticks for bending. When the project is opened on another computer, the mouth, fixes and sticks do not seem to be set up. As you can see, one computer is running Windows, the other one Mac, both of them using Character Animator Preview 3. Is there anything that can be done on the Mac computer to display the project properly, any ideas how to set the file transfer properly? Appreciate it.

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          oksamurai Employee Moderator

          Have you tried File > Copy Media Files Into Project Folder before packaging it up? Sorry if I missed you doing this in the video. That's the best way to ensure all local files are collected in one folder (Ch Media).


          Also, it may help your file size if you delete the Ch Data > temp.noindex folder before sending.


          Eventually we are going to make it way easier to share projects - so sorry for the extra steps you have to take now!

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            PauliusAusra Level 1



            Yes, I made sure to Copy Media Files Into Project Folder, so the project and its files are up to date before sending. Does the message "No files outside the project folder" after pressing it have any meaning as to what might be the problem on the other computer? The project is opening correctly on my computer.